Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My wish for the day

I wish common, network printers were able to sort by person sending the job. That way I wouldn't have to sort through 10 other people's printouts and the schmuck who printed right before I did wouldn't walk off with my stuff. Makes me think I'm crazy. I printed it, I KNOW I printed it, didn't I? Maybe I didn't.


Anonymous said...

Or even worse when you go to pick up your print out and someone is sorting through them by licking their thumbs and smearing each page with their spit. That is just disgusting!! I wish people would realize just how gross that really it.

Courtney said...


Michael said...

At last! A controversial topic!


I try to listen to hear if the printer is running; then print and get up right away. On days I'm printing a lot of separate documents I feel like I'm running laps.

Sometimes I get up and walk to the printer and nothing comes out. When I get back to my desk, there's some stupid dialog box like "Please select a printer" or "How many copies."