Friday, July 16, 2004

Martha's sentenced to the slammer

Well, I lost the bet.  Martha's sentenced to 5 months in prison:
Here's my question of the day: she also gets 2 years of probation.  Isn't the purpose of probation to make sure no criminal activity occurs during this time?  Drug offenders, child molesters, armed robbers, hey- I can understand how they'll check up on this.  But liars?  Will she have to take a polygraph every time the probation officer comes for a visit?


Michael said...

Bah. She wasn't even charged with insider trading, she was given jail time for lying about it. Pfft.

Martha should go free!

Anonymous said...

Contras this to Ken Lay. He was just indited a couple of weeks ago after years of investigation. This shows that she should have contribute to the Republican Party instead of the Democrats like "Kenny-Boy" Lay did.

Michael said...

Bah. Ken Lay donated to everybody. The mayor of Houston was Democrat at the time, and you should see all the favors Enron bought.

Besides, Enron is complex; off-balance sheet partnerships are legal, abusing them is illegal, and there were nearly 900 partnerships to study, all of them involving convoluted transactions.

Martha just lied. Her trial was easy.

Jager said...

I might've had an inkling of sympathy for Stewart had she not compared herself to Nelson Mandella. The unmitigated gall. May she rot in prison.

Michael said...

If having unmitigated gall was a federal offense, most of our politicians would be in prison. :P