Friday, January 23, 2009

If not a parent, don't read!

One day last week, hubby tells me the story of how he was awakened. I'm sure his alarm had been going off for at least 30 minutes when he started hearing sounds from Sudsy's room from the baby monitor. He also hears Bubby and decides he'd better check out what was going on. Bubby went into Sudsy's room, took him out of the crib, and was proceeding to attempt a poopy diaper change! Both boys were covered in poop and tons of poopy diaper wipes were gathered up around them. Sudsy had poop on his hands, his face, his feet....

My first thought? I hope Sudsy didn't eat poop. My second thought? You didn't take a picture??? I wonder if they have stinky diaper stickers for scrapbooking. That would have made a great page in my album! I'm sick, I know.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vindicated! Not really.

Finally took the truck to the shop yesterday. Yes, the back brakes were bad and we already knew the tires needed replacing. So I asked hubby if I was now cleared. His answer? No, I know how you drive. Let's see how long this $3888 lesson keeps.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


They should call it Black Hole. I have heard from more people from my past in the last week than I have in the last fifteen years. It's not just for kids- I can't believe how many 'old' people are on!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Circuit City

Over the past week, I have been searching for a Wii Fit. I called two different Walmarts twice a day. I bookmarked two different websites that tracked the status of Wii Fits in various stores. I didn't want to pay more than retail and I didn't want to buy an expensive bundle. Finally, Circuit City showed up as having the Wii Fit in stock. I quickly jumped over to buy and realized I had to buy two accessories in order to qualify. Frustrated and sick of the routine, I did. Four days later, the ad shows up and the accessories are $5 off each. So, I sent an email and within 24 hours, I received a reply that a credit would be applied to my card. Now that is a good company.

Of course, two days after I ordered, a friend emailed me to tell me they were in stock at Walmart and did I want her to buy it. Hopefully, mine will arrive by Friday.

We're new to all this Wii stuff as Santa brought the kids one for Christmas. So far we have We Cheer, Wii Sports and Guitar Hero only. We had a fun family game night last night where we all calculated our Wii Age for Wii Sports. Smoochie was 80, Bubby was 52, I was 37 (rock on!) and hubby was 78. Sudsy Pumpkin Pie loves to watch. We've been alternating each night with the Wii and dominoes. Unfortunately, this will all end soon as karate starts tonight and the sign-ups for baseball are Thursday.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

My goodness- 2009??? Seriously? I remember partying like it was 1999 and it feels like just days ago. Of course my memory is so good I can't remember what happened days ago....

I digress- happy new year! This is my year- I can just feel it! I've started another blog to help me figure out why I can not stay on track when it comes to getting and staying healthy. Check it out here: Change the Mind, Change the Body.

In other news, I got myself into a fender bender this morning and ran smack into the back of someone who decided to stop abruptly when the light turned yellow. I've been telling hubby that the brakes felt funny in the truck and we needed to get them looked at and he finally got the message. I'll be completely embarrassed when the repair guys take a look and nothing is wrong except my driving abilities. Yes, I was following too closely and it was raining and I was thinking about the meeting I had to get to in 20 minutes. But whatever, I'm sure it was a mechanical error.

So, back to the new year. Here is why I know it's going to be my year. One of our deadbeat tenants finally moved out and we'll get that place back on track. We plan on paying off two of our real estate related loans and have a concrete plan on how to do that and get our finances back on track. I feel confident that I will stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. Best of all, I have a vision for what I want to do with my life and am putting together a plan to move towards that vision.