Friday, December 30, 2005

Need ideas

Dad's still in the hospital and probably will be through New Year's. We're going to celebrate with him, so I need ideas to make it a little fun. He's very active and is beginning to go stir crazy already. Last night, I stayed with him and had my mom go with hubby and the kids to dinner so she could get out of there for a moment. I took our portable DVD player and some movies he'd like, but forgot the power adapter. We'll take that to him tonight. And I'll stop by the blood bank to drop off some O-. I see that they are low and I've been called by the blood bank several times in the last few weeks.

So, back to my problem. Fun for New Year's Eve. Maybe take some games? If he's able to eat by then, some light snacky food? Need some help here!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Today my father is having surgery. It is due to begin in 20 minutes. He's having a part of his large intestine removed because it is precancerous. Hopefully it has not yet turned into cancer. My dad is one of the healthiest people I know. Eats right, is trim, and can outlast most 20 year olds on the bike. I know he's going to be fine and recover quickly, but I am still obviously concerned. Hopefully he'll be discharged from the hospital in time to spend New Year's at home.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Working from home

The joys of technology. Since I can log into our network from home with my company issued laptop, I decided to work the later half of last week and all of this week from home. Well, not really decided, but have to since the boy's out of school and the hubby's working. I have found out the benefits of a decent environment. Having a desk in a room with big windows really has made a difference in my psyche and my motivation. I am much more productive at home, even with my 5 year old interrupting occasionally for help with his lego projects. I do miss the interaction with colleagues, but since most of the office is out for the holidays, I am not missing much.

Not much can beat rolling out of bed and sitting down to work in your pajamas, well unless it's not having to work at all.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Some traditions are worth updating

Growing up, my dad always played Christmas music while decorating the tree. Unfortunately, it was not the style of music to my liking, John Denver or the like. After branching out on my own, beginning my own family, creating my own traditions, I of course went out and bought John Denver's Christmas CD (no offense intended for John Denver fans). After my husband would not even stay in the room while this was on, I decided I didn't need to subject my family to the same torture. While waiting in line behind 523 people at Bath and Body Works, I saw the Make a Wish CD with songs from Aretha Franklin to Melissa Ethridge. Much better.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Too contrived?

We have friends from out of town coming over this evening. Would it be too contrived to put their family's Christmas card front and center of our pile of cards? Or is it the polite thing to do, like wearing that hideous sweater from Aunt Pearl when you're going to her house?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Be specific

I'm working from home the rest of this week and most of next because the boy is out of school and the hubby is working. Of course that means too much tv for him while I'm preoccupied with my work, but I am calling in reinforcements to get him out of the house occasionally.

After lunch today, he asks if he can have the little box of jelly beans that I bought as a stocking stuffer, but forgot to hide, so now it was sitting on the counter. I say yes, but that he needs to save half of them for his sister. He took me literally. I picked up the container this afternoon and thought it was strange he could have made the package so sticky with just jelly beans. I found out why tonight. The boy tells the girl she can have the rest of the jelly beans after dinner. Exactly half. Because he only ate half of each one.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Broken record

I know I have complained about this before, but it seems the problem grows exponentially each year. I am referring to the sick and twisted individuals who develop product packaging, in particular toys.

The in-laws are heading out of town for the holidays, so we celebrated Hanukkah early this year. Sunday was an extravaganza of presents and food that almost rivaled Christmas. I guess with four grandchildren it all adds up.

So, back to my complaint. The developers must get great joy in the pain and torture they put parents through. Screaming kid on the left and another on the right- I want my helicopter! I want my Barbie! Calm down, 45 more minutes and I might have the first piece out. Plastic packing that requires kitchen shears strong enough to debone a chicken. Packing tape to hold the wires that is wrapped around every square inch. Tiny little hooks that don't spare a millimeter to grasp with the scissors.

If the same technology was applied to banks, jewelry stores and such- there'd never be another robbery again.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Catching up

I was so proud of myself. 95% complete with Christmas shopping, greeting cards mailed, most of the gifts wrapped weeks ago. I could sit back and enjoy the holidays with none of the stress.


There's only 5 more days until Christmas!! Eick!! Went to the mall yesterday to get teacher gifts. Still collecting addresses to send out the last of the cards. Finally found the one remaining present for the boy from Santa -gave up looking for the Power Ranger Omegazord, which apparently has become some huge collector's item and instead decided to honor his wish for magic with a magic set. I already knew the force field was impossible and there was no way I was buying him a cell phone or an XBox 360.

I still haven't wrapped any of the Santa gifts. Have to figure out how to leave a clue from Santa that her big girl bed and dresser are upstairs in the spare bedroom. And if my Martha Stewart clone friend decides to bring over a big box of homemade rugala like she sometimes does, I'm totally hosed!

Ack! Holiday stress!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Special treat

When I picked the boy up from the extended day program at his school, the sun was starting to set. Clouds filled the sky and the sun reflected orange, purple, and pink across the horizon. Of course, I noticed none of this until my son exclaimed- "Look at the sky! It's beauuuuuutiful!". And it was.

As a special treat, after dinner, homework, and bath, we watched The Incredibles until the end (1 hour after bedtime) and I let them eat candy. Maybe I'm softening in my old age, but it was a special treat for the kids and me, spending quality time together during the week.

I'd love to retire and be able to do things like that regularly while they're still young. Maybe next year, maybe next year.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Grocery Store Adventure

Grocery shopping with little ones is a challenge. Grocery shopping with little ones after work/school when everyone is tired and hungry is down right insane. Unfortunately, it was one chore not completed this weekend.

So tonight, I chose Mission Impossible. After breezing through the aisles, stuffing the kids full of samples, I make it to the checkout line a little smug. No melt downs, them or me. Unfortunately, I happen to have a knack for picking the line with the "high maintenance" person. Now, I've been THAT person before, but I try really hard not to be.

The old lady in front of me was really being a pain in the you know what. Don't get me wrong- I love old people. I want to be one some day. She's arguing the price on every item that goes through. "That's $1- check the ad! Can't you get any of the prices right? I picked the wrong cashier." I really feel for people making minimum wage, taking such abuse. Soon, a party of 6 employees has gathered, including the manager. I happen to know for a fact she was wrong- the yellow squash was not 1 for $1, it was the zucchini. But that's neither here nor there. I already had my groceries on the belt behind hers, so I was committed. And then the kids decided to lose it. Hold me! Can I have this! Uh! Pick me up! I want gum! I want candy!

Life with the little ones

Parenthood is a mixed bag of trying times peppered with moments of tenderness and always non-stop entertainment. Saturday night we took the kids out driving to look at lights.

"Look- candy canes!"
"I saw them"
"No you didn't. You missed them."
"No, I didn't. I saw them."
"Look- Santa!"
"I saw him"
"No you didn't. You missed them."
"Wait- go back- I wanted to see the gingerbread house!"
"I have to go potty"
"You're going the wrong way- I have to go potty!!!!!!"

Ah, the holidays.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not buying it

It's the same game every year. Hubby starts putting up the Christmas lights and gives up muttering- I can't do this- I'm Jewish!

Like being a Christian gives you some innate ability to hang lights. I used to hear it putting up the tree until I bought a prelit that is super easy to put together.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Not sure

Not sure what to blog about. I'm finally feeling human again, which is good. The weekend was nice. We went to a Christmaka party Saturday (Christmas & Hanukkah), which was fun and nice to see our friends. Stocked up at the grocery store since we've had nothing to eat in the house for weeks. Even ran out of chicken nuggets- the horror!!

Yesterday, the girl was singing a song about making scurvy pirates walk the plank from The Backyardigans. I can't get it out of my head now.

I've finished Christmas shopping, expect a few stocking stuffers for the hubby. Got over half the stuff wrapped yesterday evening. I like to finish early so that I can just enjoy the season and not stress about it.

My department at work received early raises and the rest of the office found out about it and are really ticked. Can't say I blame them, I would be too.

The boy is riding his bike without training wheels and is so proud of himself! We're proud too.

I am nearly done with my work on this project and am down to boxing up my files.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not my week

This is just not my week! I'd like to call a do-over.

My head is still hurting, but I'm not sure if it's the sinus infection or a side effect from the heavy duty antibiotics. And then I did the stupidest thing ever this morning. I was supposed to go with hubby on a trip to Charleston yesterday, but couldn't because of my head. I'd already told the kids they were staying at my folks and they were so excited, so not wanting to disappoint, I let them stay over last night.

Well....I should probably end the story there....I'm backing out of the driveway this morning and stop because the garage door won't go down. I get out of the car to make it go down and the door closes behind me. I was obviously backing up fast enough to engage the automatic door locks. So, now I'm locked out of the house (house key on the car key ring) and my vehicle, which is still running. And my cell phone is in my purse, locked in the car.

I borrow my neighbors phone and call my mom- Mom, before you take the kids to school, can you please unlock my house? 45 minutes later, I am finally on my way to work. And my head still hurts.