Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Broken record

I know I have complained about this before, but it seems the problem grows exponentially each year. I am referring to the sick and twisted individuals who develop product packaging, in particular toys.

The in-laws are heading out of town for the holidays, so we celebrated Hanukkah early this year. Sunday was an extravaganza of presents and food that almost rivaled Christmas. I guess with four grandchildren it all adds up.

So, back to my complaint. The developers must get great joy in the pain and torture they put parents through. Screaming kid on the left and another on the right- I want my helicopter! I want my Barbie! Calm down, 45 more minutes and I might have the first piece out. Plastic packing that requires kitchen shears strong enough to debone a chicken. Packing tape to hold the wires that is wrapped around every square inch. Tiny little hooks that don't spare a millimeter to grasp with the scissors.

If the same technology was applied to banks, jewelry stores and such- there'd never be another robbery again.


Anonymous said...

Just push the hidden magical package release button! They all have one you know.

Courtney said...

Where? Where?!!! Tell me where!!!!!

JustLinda said...

hahah Great minds think alike, they say. ;) As you know, I blogged this topic too.