Monday, December 19, 2005

Catching up

I was so proud of myself. 95% complete with Christmas shopping, greeting cards mailed, most of the gifts wrapped weeks ago. I could sit back and enjoy the holidays with none of the stress.


There's only 5 more days until Christmas!! Eick!! Went to the mall yesterday to get teacher gifts. Still collecting addresses to send out the last of the cards. Finally found the one remaining present for the boy from Santa -gave up looking for the Power Ranger Omegazord, which apparently has become some huge collector's item and instead decided to honor his wish for magic with a magic set. I already knew the force field was impossible and there was no way I was buying him a cell phone or an XBox 360.

I still haven't wrapped any of the Santa gifts. Have to figure out how to leave a clue from Santa that her big girl bed and dresser are upstairs in the spare bedroom. And if my Martha Stewart clone friend decides to bring over a big box of homemade rugala like she sometimes does, I'm totally hosed!

Ack! Holiday stress!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Awww, that's so sweet - acting all stressed out and all. Now you're just trying to make ME feel good. :)

P.S. Gaxywryq! (even better than the last one!)