Monday, December 12, 2005

The Grocery Store Adventure

Grocery shopping with little ones is a challenge. Grocery shopping with little ones after work/school when everyone is tired and hungry is down right insane. Unfortunately, it was one chore not completed this weekend.

So tonight, I chose Mission Impossible. After breezing through the aisles, stuffing the kids full of samples, I make it to the checkout line a little smug. No melt downs, them or me. Unfortunately, I happen to have a knack for picking the line with the "high maintenance" person. Now, I've been THAT person before, but I try really hard not to be.

The old lady in front of me was really being a pain in the you know what. Don't get me wrong- I love old people. I want to be one some day. She's arguing the price on every item that goes through. "That's $1- check the ad! Can't you get any of the prices right? I picked the wrong cashier." I really feel for people making minimum wage, taking such abuse. Soon, a party of 6 employees has gathered, including the manager. I happen to know for a fact she was wrong- the yellow squash was not 1 for $1, it was the zucchini. But that's neither here nor there. I already had my groceries on the belt behind hers, so I was committed. And then the kids decided to lose it. Hold me! Can I have this! Uh! Pick me up! I want gum! I want candy!

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Anonymous said...

See, you should have taken my advice and just chained them up in the back yard.

And none of this whinning about CPS either!