Friday, December 30, 2005

Need ideas

Dad's still in the hospital and probably will be through New Year's. We're going to celebrate with him, so I need ideas to make it a little fun. He's very active and is beginning to go stir crazy already. Last night, I stayed with him and had my mom go with hubby and the kids to dinner so she could get out of there for a moment. I took our portable DVD player and some movies he'd like, but forgot the power adapter. We'll take that to him tonight. And I'll stop by the blood bank to drop off some O-. I see that they are low and I've been called by the blood bank several times in the last few weeks.

So, back to my problem. Fun for New Year's Eve. Maybe take some games? If he's able to eat by then, some light snacky food? Need some help here!


Anonymous said...

I know!! Hire a stripper! Oh, wait a minute. I think I have my parties confused. That might not be a good idea. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

I would offer suggestions, but I'm like the Anti-fun these days.