Friday, August 26, 2011


It's been awhile, yes, I've been reminded by several lately. It's just too easy with Facebook to give a one-liner and move on. So much has been happening. I'm forging ahead on a new career path- within the next 6 - 7 months, I am giving up the engineering world to move to a world dominated by women. Honestly, it's not a decision I came to easily or readily but I know it is the right path for me. I've had to learn a whole new language and a new way of relating to people. I've had to learn social skills that I never knew I could learn. My reasons are many- I finally feel like I am doing something that helps people, my work schedule is completely in my control, my success is a direct correlation to how hard I work and the positive feedback is unending. Probably anyone who's followed my career will not be surprised that it was not my passion.

On the family front, there are many changes as well! Little Sudsy Pumpkin Pie is 3.5 years old and an absolute character. He is easy going, fun loving and a riot who loves to make people laugh. The things that come out of his mouth....oh so funny. I love this age when the mispronounce things- he calls kiwi piwis and nectarines are submarines. It's just so cute we can't correct him. He also love to put in a dramatic ummm when we ask him a question. Like he's really pondering his answers.

Smoochie just started 3rd grade and is quite the athlete. It doesn't matter the sport- she played her first season of baseball, machine pitch last spring and quickly because the team favorite. She was one of the most consistent hitters. Throwing a football around and she can throw a perfect spiral even though no one taught her.

Bubby has had the most profound changes. While diet definitely had a positive impact in managing his ADD, we started going to therapy last year and employing what is called 'Nutured Heart'. It's basically parenting turned on it's head- pay lots of attention to the good stuff and almost none to the bad. It helped our relationship with him but still did not fix the issues in school. At the end of the school year last year we started neurotherapy. They mapped his brain and compared it to a 'normal brain' and he's working on the areas that deal with focus and auditory processing. At first the changes were very hard to detect but looking at where we started a few months ago, he's a completely different kid. He can now take in multiple instructions and actually follow them. His emotional state has leveled out and he's turning into a very responsible young man. He's just started middle school and we couldn't be prouder of how he's handling it all.

That's it- I will try not to wait this long to update again.