Monday, January 31, 2005

Get out of our house!!

I am fortunate enough to have a large extended family that lives close and gets together regularly. Yesterday was one of those events, my grandfather's 80th birthday party. We all gathered at my mom's, drank and ate too much and just enjoyed each other's company. My aunt and uncle are buying a new house, so we all loaded up to go look. Four cars pull up outside the house only there's a car already in the driveway. Who could be here? Yes, technically, the house is still on the market, but don't they know my aunt and uncle are getting it??

So we wait. And wait. Finally, my cousin's boyfriend rings the doorbell. My son is next to him. He tells them we have a showing and my son proceeds to tell them that this is someone else's house. 12 of us pile in while the other realtor exclaims- are you all going to live here??? My son waits by the door until the other people leave and as he's closing the door he yells out to them- this is Debbie and Ken's house and he closes the door.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Uncharted territory

I've been saying for years that I needed more responsibility at work. Now that I finally have it, I realize I have no idea what I'm doing. I had much more confidence when I had someone to fall back on. Now it's just me and I feel confused, disorganized, and overwhelmed. I'm terrified soon everyone will know I don't have a clue. What is that saying- be careful what you ask for?

This will be a great growing and learning experience. Here's to hoping I don't screw it up too bad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More conversations with kids

This morning my 4 yr old asked what those lights were on the back of the cars. I explained to him they were brake lights. I then went on to explain why cars have them and what they are for.

So, what happens if they don't work?

Well, the people behind you don't know you're slowing down and could hit you. A police officer will pull you over and give you a ticket.

And then what?

You pay money and you take the car to a mechanic to fix it.

Mechanic has a big hook on the back?

No, honey. That's a tow truck driver. They tow your car to the mechanic.

Oh. So the money fixes the lights?

Yes, you pay the mechanic because he knows how to fix the lights.

When do I get to eat breakfast?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The natives are restless

Do you ever get the almost uncontrollable feeling like you want to run away? Just go crazy and unscripted? Oh, it's just me? I feel restless. Yes, I know I just got back from vacation, but I still feel restless. I want to do something spontaneous. Something out of my comfort zone. Something wild. But I won't. I'll just carry on with my normal routine until the feeling passes. Maybe I'll hold my breath until it passes. As you were, don't mind me......

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Out of touch

Being on vacation also means being out of touch with reality. I love it. Didn't hear about the fires, car accidents, murders, and all the other wonderful news our local channels love to share. I did hear briefly about the mudslides in California only because we have relatives out there. However, I find it quite amusing that the one piece of news I overheard everyone talking about was Brad and Jennifer splitting up. Like it was the greatest tragedy since the dinosaurs.

Monday, January 17, 2005


The trip was a success! No emergency room visits, no arrests, and no lost kids. Seriously, a great time was had by all. The boy loved the roller coasters but had panic attacks about anything scary- 3-D movies, ghosts, Captain Hook, all freaked him out. Probably not the best idea to start him off with the Tower of Terror at MGM. Oh well. The girl really enjoyed it all too, although she most enjoyed being with the grandparents that much.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

One problem solved

If you live in the Houston area, hate to cook, but like to eat, I have a solution for you. Place called village table and you select 12 recipes, show up, and put them all together. When you get home, you stick them in your freezer. Voila! Dinner's solved. It's great because there's no prepping, no spending hours in the kitchen, no cleanup. And for me, that's a great bonus. I'm a mess in the kitchen and I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up after me (which used to be me).

They've been open for a year now and I tried them early last year. Was not impressed with the recipes, so tried to do it on my own- making a bunch of meals ahead and freezing. Finally went back last month and they've improved vastly. So I'm now a convert.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What time is it?

I have no idea. Well, I could check the computer clock, but that requires effort. I forgot to wear my watch today. And it's freeing. For a type 'A' personality, not knowing what time it is every second goes against my nature.

6 days till Disney

And I can not wait. My first visit to Disney World was, well, underwhelming. Blame it on the fact that I was 15 and too cool for silly characters. This time I get to see it how it's meant to be viewed, through the eyes of a child. I know my 18 month old daughter will not remember, but my 4 1/2 year old son should cherish these memories forever. And even if he won't, I will.

He's been preparing by watching the Disney planning video over and over. The first time he turned it on, he watched a few minutes and then came over to me. "Mom? When does it start?" I answered that was the show. "Oh, it's just a commercial?" He never ceases to amaze me with his comprehension.

Monday, January 03, 2005


I've learned an important lesson in empathy the past few weeks. My husband and I have been on a journey. A journey towards financial freedom and trying to gain the knowledge and experience to make that happen. We came across a set of books especially enlightening and have tried to tell others about them. And the more we talk about what we've learned, the more we're met with resistance. My husband said we shouldn't discuss what we're doing or what we've learned or try to give out advice anymore. Why I asked. Their financial future is at risk! I didn't catch the parallels to Christianity until my husband asked how would you feel if they said you should read the bible? I should have caught on before as one of the books is titled "The Prophecy" and compares preparing for your future to Noah building his ark.

So, what have I learned? First, shut-up because no one wants to hear it. And second, maybe I should have a little more empathy to those trying to share their beliefs in god. They believe in their hearts they are doing the right thing. And just as I was trying to show people they needed to prepare for their financial future, Christians are trying to show people to prepare for the future they believe will come.