Monday, January 31, 2005

Get out of our house!!

I am fortunate enough to have a large extended family that lives close and gets together regularly. Yesterday was one of those events, my grandfather's 80th birthday party. We all gathered at my mom's, drank and ate too much and just enjoyed each other's company. My aunt and uncle are buying a new house, so we all loaded up to go look. Four cars pull up outside the house only there's a car already in the driveway. Who could be here? Yes, technically, the house is still on the market, but don't they know my aunt and uncle are getting it??

So we wait. And wait. Finally, my cousin's boyfriend rings the doorbell. My son is next to him. He tells them we have a showing and my son proceeds to tell them that this is someone else's house. 12 of us pile in while the other realtor exclaims- are you all going to live here??? My son waits by the door until the other people leave and as he's closing the door he yells out to them- this is Debbie and Ken's house and he closes the door.

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