Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

My goodness- 2009??? Seriously? I remember partying like it was 1999 and it feels like just days ago. Of course my memory is so good I can't remember what happened days ago....

I digress- happy new year! This is my year- I can just feel it! I've started another blog to help me figure out why I can not stay on track when it comes to getting and staying healthy. Check it out here: Change the Mind, Change the Body.

In other news, I got myself into a fender bender this morning and ran smack into the back of someone who decided to stop abruptly when the light turned yellow. I've been telling hubby that the brakes felt funny in the truck and we needed to get them looked at and he finally got the message. I'll be completely embarrassed when the repair guys take a look and nothing is wrong except my driving abilities. Yes, I was following too closely and it was raining and I was thinking about the meeting I had to get to in 20 minutes. But whatever, I'm sure it was a mechanical error.

So, back to the new year. Here is why I know it's going to be my year. One of our deadbeat tenants finally moved out and we'll get that place back on track. We plan on paying off two of our real estate related loans and have a concrete plan on how to do that and get our finances back on track. I feel confident that I will stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. Best of all, I have a vision for what I want to do with my life and am putting together a plan to move towards that vision.


Unknown said...

I found www.NoPayTenants.com is for reporting deadbeat renters. All rental property owners need to checkout that website and post their deadbeat renters. When renters find out their name is on that database they quickly want to pay-up. Also, it helps other landlords from getting burned and you can check if any renter has a record.


Lee said...

Here's to a great, crumple free, 2009.

Sara said...

Oh, right, as if the "Mudroom Bliss" post wasn't a direct challenge - now you have to kick it up a notch, start a whole new blog, and challenge me to become healthy, too?

Fine. I accept your challenge. But I'm not starting a new blog. I can't even keep up with the one I have.

Ha! As an added bonus, my word verification is "runsurne", which looks like "runsome" when you look at it real quickly. How in the world did you do that?!


Courtney said...

Does my 1.4 lb weight gain give you any consolation?