Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Interview with the CIA

Here's an article from USA Today interviewing a terrorism expert in the CIA:
Basically, he says that Al Qaeda is attacking the US because of specific policies in the Middle East, not because of our culture.  It is rather egocentric to assume a group of people want to kill us because of who we are.  It does make more sense that they hate what we are doing to them.
The specific policies mentioned are:
  "Support for Israel that allows the Israelis to dominate the Palestinians.
    U.S., Western troops on the Arabian Peninsula.
    Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Support for Russia, India and China against the Muslim militants there.
    Pressure on Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low.
    U.S. support for corrupt Muslim governments.
    Source: Imperial Hubris"


Michael said...

- All the Arab countries hate the Israelis. Why don't they hate the Syrians for dominating the Lebanese?
- US troops were in Saudia Arabia at the request of Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. Saudi was afraid Iraq was going to attack them next.
- We don't get any credit for our work in Kosovo for attacking the Serbs that were killing the Muslims?
- I suppose they would *really* hate us for Wal-Mart.
- US has often supported the "Lesser of 2 evils" and it keeps coming back to bite us.

I think they'd hate us anyway. Do any of these justify 9/11?

Courtney said...

NOTHING justifies 9/11, but how do we solve the problem?

Michael said...

More tanks?

Anonymous said...

While some of what "anonymous" (first name Mike BTW) has the ring of truth. He also wrote another book that preceeded Imperial Hubris, titled "through Our Enemies’ Eyes."

A section of that book contains this description of Osama bin Laden:

"Osama bin Laden appears to be a geniunely pious Muslim; a devoted family man; a talented, focused, and patient insurgent commander; a frank and eloquent speaker; a successful businessman; and an individual of conviction, intellectual honestly, compassion, humility, and physical bravery."

Take it for what it is worth, I think the guy borders on being a moonbat. Keep in mind this book was written after several attacks on America by Osama.

The rest can be read here: http://cranialcavity.net/wordpress/index.php?p=657

Cranial Cavity