Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What's the point?

I was enjoying my morning read of the Houston Chronicle as I read Tom Brokaw's candid review of F9/11:

"(The movie) is very skillfully done, and he's a master at getting his point of view on the big screen," Brokaw said. "The right has Rush (Limbaugh), and the left has Michael Moore, and they are very good at presenting their points of view, saying, 'This is factual.' Truth is a little more elusive, and it's the arrangement of those facts. I do worry about young people (who are typically not viewers of the evening news) seeing the movie as the gospel."

But then a quote from a political pollster rubbed me the wrong way:

"John Kerry — his campaign is more effective than he is. George Bush's ad campaign is completely ineffective because it is all produced in an editing studio. If you look at his ads, there's no humanity, there's no personality, there's little of him except for him walking, which is stupid. And I apologize if you're from Texas, but there's something wrong with the way people from Texas walk. I mean, these people walk like they own not just America but Europe, as well."

Seems like a great quote to put in the HOUSTON Chronicle. So, not only is there something wrong with the rifle hanging in the back of my pickup, my cowboy hat, and horse, now there's something wrong with the way I walk. *snort*

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