Thursday, July 08, 2004

Politicians lie!

I found a refreshing rant on Asymmetrical Information about lying politicians and a lying Michael Moore trying to pass of his propoganda as truth.

Here's my favorite exerpt:
If you want to sign off on Michael Moore's tactics because George Bush misled people, you will have not a leg to stand on when your guy misleads people. As he will. Of course, you and everyone who agrees with you will stand around yelling very loudly that what your guy did wasn't lying, not a bit like what those scurrilous bastards on the other side got up to. However, as you may have already noticed, no one except people who already agree with you pays any attention when you say things like this. And the reason that they pay no attention is that it is not true. If you'd step outside the college pep rally atmosphere that passes for partisanship these days, you would already have figured this out.

Some people seem so clouded by their beliefs that they can't see the faults on their team. This is exactly what turns people like myself off to the whole process. Makes me crazy. Can't you see the mud you're slinging at the other side is the same mud on you?

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