Friday, July 02, 2004


Go Houston! A group of mothers met at the Galleria to protest a security guard's request for a breastfeeding mother to move it to the bathroom. I don't understand how others could be offended when a mother feeds her child. If they are not comfortable, they can just look away. Now I could understand if she stood up, got completely undressed, and proceeded to parade around in public with a baby hanging off her boob. I know I always made sure there was nothing in view to offend. People just need to grow up and gain a little maturity.


Michael said...

I'm not exactly sure who they're protesting - did you see this part of the story? The Galleria said it was perfectly ok to breast-feed where they want.
Galleria spokeswoman Connie Hascher said the incident was a misunderstanding. She said the officer only approached the nursing mother after she saw four men watching the woman as she breast-fed.

She said the officer's suggestion was in consideration for Doyle-Madrid's privacy.

Hascher said the mall doesn't have a policy or preference about where a mother can nurse, and she wasn't aware of any complaints from patrons offended by public nursing.

"We recognize any woman can breast-feed out in the public, and we support their right to do that," she said.

Courtney said...

And what are they going to say? Yeah, I told her to move it to the bathroom. Don't wanna see that disgusting stuff around here.

Michael said...

I can't imagine why somebody would say that, but apparently lots of women were there.