Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Trading Spouses

Trading Spouses happens to come alphabetically right behind Trading Spaces.  So, as I'm scrolling through the TIVO list, I decide to record.  Basically, two moms switch houses for one week and then they each get 50K.  Sounds interesting enough.  One family is a very affluent and the other is very middle class. 

OH MY GOODNESS.  I try really hard to not be judgmental, but one of the moms was beyond belief.  I mean a real piece of work.  First, she starts in on the other mom's daughter about her weight.  Talking to her about carbs and carbs are bad and chicken wings will kill you, etc.  The lady's own son is overweight, but I guess that's excusable since her daughter's not.  What a double standard.

One of my favorite scenes is the kids going in to wake her up at 8 am and she yells at them and tells them she's not getting up.  Or when she's hungry and wants the husband to go out and get her a sandwich.  He tries to explain that they don't have the money to just go out whenever they feel like it and she needs to eat something they have.  No, I don't want that.  You need to do something quick, I feel sick. 

One of the assigned tasks is to host a party for the family's friends and family.  Well, she gets on the kids to start cleaning and turns off the tv.  No tv watching today.  Then she tells the camera she believes in leading by example and next scene she's watching the baseball game in her room while the kids are doing chores. 

The other mom, the middle class one, was a sweetheart.  She really connected with the other family.  She was very uncomfortable with the family's lifestyle where the live-in mother-in-law was treated like a slave.  I bet her family was extremely thankful to have her back.   Ahhh, trash tv at it's finest.

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Eunay said...

Wow, they really have a 'trading spouses' tv show? That's just going toooo far!!!