Friday, July 02, 2004

Howard Stern coming to Houston

I find it amazing all the uproar about Stern coming to Houston's airwaves. I've begrudgingly watched his show on 'E' thanks to dear husband several times over the years. Personally, I can't stand the guy. But I am not in the least upset over him airing here. I just won't listen. It's that simple.

Here's an interesting debate on chronically biased. What really gets me is how people get so offended when someone disagrees with their opinion. Seems some of the narrow-minded people are unable to have an intellectual conversation and resort to name calling. Ain't just liberals doing it, my friends.


Michael said...

Heh. Well, it goes not just both ways, but every way. Dan Patrick is calling out listeners to protest a radio station... and you're calling out Dan Patrick. And now I'm calling out you. :/

Dan's right on one account - Howard Stern is offensive and crass. That's by design, that's how he gets votes. Opposing such vulgarity on the airwaves is Dan's right to free speech, just as Howard Sterns vulgarity is.

We've long ago given up on any standards of decency in the country. Now we only argue for acceptable levels of indecency.

Courtney said...

The reference to the narrow minded people were not those who are offended by Howard Stern and are voicing that opinion to the radio station, it was the people who were jumping all over the guy giving a differing opinion than there own. 'Crow' made some valid points and instead of factually disputing them, some resorted to personal attacks. That's the stuff that gets me. So, how are you 'outing' me?

Michael said...

Er, I'm not, really. "Out" as a synonym for "criticizing."

I'll have to go read the comments, I only read the article you point at. Wait here, I'll be right back.

Michael said...

Ah, yes, they jumped on Crow. Crow's argument was politely done, a different opinion.

Crow left off a 4th kind of person - (4) those who choose *not* to listen and are offended anyway. That's the class Dan Patrick falls in. It's easy to criticize Dan for objecting to something he's not going to listen to anyway; organizing a protest against another radio station is asking for "What does it matter to you, anyway, Dan? You're not going to listen to it."

Dan's point would be "community standards" that he's arguing, sort of like arguing a strip club can't be built in your neighborhood even if you're not going to go. While the Constitution protects free speech, it also allows communities to set standards of indecency. I think with the latest ruling by the Supreme Court, though, that if pornography can't be regulated on the internet, then Howard Stern can't be limited on the radio.