Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fire Drill

As Michael and I are enjoying our afternoon diet coke break, we notice masses of people exiting the building.  That's strange.  Maybe it's quitting time.  Why are they still hanging around?  Next security guards are abuzz with activity.  Official looking people with orange vests strut by.  We're still sitting, watching, quietly sipping our sweet, caffeinated nectar.  More people exit.  The tension is high- is it a fire drill asks one?  No, answers official man in the orange vest.  We weren't informed of one.  It must be a real fire. 

After several phone calls by security (who were they calling anyway?) everyone was told to return to their desks.  So what would have happened if it actually was a fire?  Would we eventually have been asked to go outside? 

1 comment:

Michael said...

I don't think so, we didn't work in that building. I think we're supposed to burn.