Thursday, July 01, 2004

I hate shopping

I went shopping during lunch yesterday and it was a miserable experience. One of my college roommates is having a party this weekend. I feel competitive towards her thanks to my mother and my husband always talking about how adorable she is. And now that she's pregnant, I get the "Ohhh, I bet she'll be one of the cute pregnant ladies!". Yes, I get the implication. Hard to be cute when you've gained half your body weight.

I walk in the store, determined to find an outfit that makes me look adorable. I'd wear something from my closet, but I still have 15 more pounds to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The past year I've been stealing my husband's clothes and I'm tired of looking like a fat woman in men's clothes. So I pick out the cutest capris and vibrant shirts I can find. Only I'm not sure what size I wear right now. So I get several sizes. And everything looked terrible. White capris??? What was the look I was going for- Oompa Loompa? I ended up buying a khaki pair but they are more like high waters on my 5'3" frame. I think I'm taking them back. I'm really glad I resisted the swim suit rack.

So, I'll just return to my happy land of denial. Until Saturday night when I'm trying to get dressed for the party and have nothing to wear. Blue jeans and grey knit shirt anyone?

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