Friday, July 30, 2004

Baseball, cops, & sharks

I took off work yesterday at lunch to visit with friends who are staying with us this week.  I would have loved to take more time off, but for some odd reason I'm expected to get my work done.

Anyway, we found out the Astros had $5 seats for adults and $1 for kids for the game yesterday afternoon.  After we spend 25 minutes locating a suitable parking spot, pay the $10 to park, and hike it to the stadium, we find out those seats are sold out.  And the only ones left are $17.50.  Even for the kids.  The men decide to go talk to the scalpers who were hounding us when we walked by.  First they had to get cash.  After finally locating a cash machine, they start the negotiations.  The Mr. Undercover Cop in the Straw Hat pops out of the parking lot and asks for everyone's ID.  Not knowing the law on scalping, they dutifully stand by awaiting punishment.  Meanwhile, we are watching the whole scene.  After 15 minutes, with the cop completely ignoring the guys, I call my husband.

Me: "Hey- you busted?"
Him: "Don't know yet."
Me: "So, why don't you just walk away then?"
Him: "Think I should?"
Me: "Yeah."

Two other guys walk up to the group and ask if they have any tickets for sale.  Note the cop is still writing the citation and has a huge badge hanging around his neck.  Cop tells them that selling tickets is illegal.  The other guys ask what about buying them?  Cop says no, our men decide they can leave safely now. 

We all start the long hike back to the car and one of the scalpers is walking off, citation in hand.  He asks us if we still want the tickets.  The game started over an hour before by this point, so we decide to head over to the Aquarium.  If you haven't been, don't bother.

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Michael said...

I would have thought the sharks at the aquarium would have been more exciting.