Tuesday, July 06, 2004

My religion

There is something that most people don't know about me. I don't believe in God. I don't typically share that information not because I am uncomfortable, but because it makes others uncomfortable. Like I can no longer be a good person. That disturbs me to think others must believe in some higher power or be rewarded in some afterlife to keep them good. I strive to treat others how I want to be treated.

I was raised Disciples of Christ (similar to Methodist) and the church baptizes when you are around 13. I went through the weeks of study in preparation to the baptism and remember thinking, the bible's a great book and all, but to me, it's fiction. I felt like the biggest hypocrite, but I had no choice because I did not want to disappoint my family.

I met my future husband a few years later and discovered that he felt the same way I did. It was the first time I had discussed my beliefs with anyone else. When we were engaged, we had several people express their concern because he was Jewish and I was Christian. We have struggled on how to raise our children. I think religion (or lack thereof) is a deeply personal decision and I would like my children to be exposed to as much as possible to make an informed decision when the time comes. Our focus is on teaching them becoming good, honest people.

I do have spiritual moments in my life and those usually involve feeling at peace with myself and my surroundings. Like hiking up the Canadian Rockies and looking down on Lake Louise or hiking through the mountains in Vermont and overlooking the changing foliage. Or looking into my children's inquisitive eyes.

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