Thursday, September 30, 2004

The garage door is stuck

Um, the dog ate my car keys. All the power went out and I just woke up. I feel a little ill today. The voices in my head told me today's the day to clean the guns. Obviously, I'm not at work. There is nothing in parenting that beats having 2 kids sick, each with stuff spewing out opposite ends.

I'd rather be working.


Anonymous said...

Poor babies! Poor Mommy!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Michael said...

And I thought you just took an extra long weekend.... glad you're back, I was thirsty.

Anonymous said...

(Sara here - not the Logical one, the other one)

Wow, and I thought I had it bad because I was the one with things spewing out both ends on Thursday! I think it would be worse to have to deal with two sick kids than one sick self.

Still no baby, which is good because I spent the last few days re-hydrating after the fun escapades of my digestive system last week... :)