Monday, September 27, 2004

Own a Dodge Avenger?

If you own a Dodge Avenger, dump it NOW. We started having problems with it running rough, so we took it to our mechanic. He replaces something, it runs great for a day, and then it runs like crap again. This goes on for months and then my dad takes on the challenge. He works through the whole system, methodically checking each system and replacing various parts. Runs great for a day. Then we take it to another mechanic who uses up every resource he has in town including the Dodge dealership. No one can fix it. Another mechanic from the shop happens to be scrounging the junkyard looking for parts for another car and sees two pristine Dodge Avengers just sitting in the junk yard. Perfect condition inside and out. Obviously something is seriously wrong with the cars. Dump it NOW, you've been warned.

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