Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I didn't actually hear much of the Republican convention last night because I was busy reading between the lines and adding my own little comments for my husband's amusement. Only he wasn't amused. Like when Arnold talked about coming to the country and listening to Nixon running for president and me repeating "I am not a crook" over and over or when Laura Bush came on stage and they started playing "Isn't She Lovely" only I was singing "Isn't this cheesy". So, I got a whole lotta 'shhhhh' out of him. Then he started throwing out insults about the democrats. So I had to explain AGAIN that I don't think Kerry's a good candidate for the presidency either. I think he's a spineless politician who lies continuously. But Bush scares me more. I know what he believes in and I know his path forward. And if you're beliefs are not exactly in line with his, too damn bad. And I happen to believe in equality for all, not just conservative Christians.

But back to the convention. The Bush girl's introduced their father who in turn introduced his wife. And while they were speaking, I was wondering to myself if this was an introduction or a roast. They jabbed their grandmother, Barbara Bush, Cheney, and almost the entire cabinet. What was the point?

But as boring as I find all this political hoopla, can't wait to irritate hubby again tonight and then follow up with more hilarious commentary from The Daily Show.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans should have allowed Alan Keyes, the poster boy for the republican party, to address the convention. I am sure you could have made short work of his speech especially hearing him explain why people should be allowed to openly carry machine guns on the street. Just a loon so typical of the republican party.
I didn't listen to any of the convention because I knew it would all be attacks on Kerry. With a record as devoid and bad as Bush's there is nothing left other than to denigrate the opposition.

Michael said...

I think Bush's record is fantastic. Iraq is disarmed, Libya is disarmed, 3/4 of Al Qaeda leadership is captured or killed. Go Bush, 4 more years!