Thursday, September 23, 2004

TIVO failed me

For the first time in months, we watched live tv last night. I am so spoiled by my TIVO as it was thoroughly frustrating to sit through the commercials. Caught the newest spinoff from CSI: CSI NY. Nothing's ever as good as the original. Part of the story line was the lead detective's wife was killed on 9/11 and they end the episode with him grieving at ground zero. I have mixed feelings of television incorporating the tragedy of 9/11 into our normal programming. Seems exploitive to me.

My point was I saw an preview for tonight's Survivor and it mentioned all new episode. Wait a minute, not season premiere?? Arg, I missed it because they change the titles of the shows, so my auto record from last season is no longer valid. Caught up on and found the tribes were split by gender again and the girls won the first competition.

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