Monday, September 13, 2004

Back from vacation

My family has vacationed in New Braunfels since before I was born. Every summer, we would spend several days floating in the frigid waters of the Guadalupe and Comal, relaxing by the pool, listening to bad country music on the old jukebox. So many good memories of jumping off the big rock with my cousins, dad getting German pastries for breakfast, running to my grandparent's cabin for treats, almost drowning in the flume. Several years ago, we just stopped going. And my husband, who has his own summer memories of New Braunfels growing up, decided it was time to start the tradition again for our own kids. We always stay at Heidelburg Lodges, metal A-frame cabins that project sound better than a bullhorn. The place hasn't changed a bit in the 30 years I remember, except for removing the diving board from the pool. Liability reasons, I guess. Worries and day to day stressors melt away and the time passes too quickly.

Spiwaks are all wet

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Michael said...

She's pretty excited about her impending dunking. :)

Childhood memories are important; mine were of Pensacola Florida. Keep the tradition up.