Monday, October 04, 2004

Scrappy Time

It all started out well. A group of women, lots of food and drink, headed down to the beach to scrap away the weekend. We arrived in surfside early Friday afternoon to find the air nor the water had been turned on in the house and it was HOT. Mom and I got there an hour after the first batch and when we walked in, they had all the drapes closed, fans on high and were putting wet washcloths on their foreheads to prevent heat stroke. A few hours later, dinner was started. And that's when the real fun began. Roaches jumped on anyone who walked in the kitchen; it was totally infested. A can and a half of raid later, and we were still finding roaches, even in the refrigerator!! No one wanted to go to sleep, but we finally gave up around 2:30 am. Everyone started making excuses to leave early. In case you were looking for beach rentals, avoid surfside rentals, we stayed in the Chelsea. I'm sure the owner was not pleased with renting to us either as we called over 10 times Friday night. Disgusting.


Michael said...

That is so incredibly disgusting. Yuck.

Courtney said...

Forgot to mention that I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder upon returning home. I kept jumping every time I opened a kitchen cabinet because I thought I saw a roach.