Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jackie Sherrill

Talking to The Husband last night, he poses another of his random, odd questions to test my current events acumen. He asks, do you know who Jackie Sherrill is? I said, of course. Not believing, he asks who he is. I answered he was the coach of the Aggies in the mid 80's. He's surprised I know that and carries on with his story. He's checking into the hotel and a man next to him sees his ring.

JS: Are you an Aggie?

TH: Yes, turning towards JS.

JS: What year did you graduate?

TH: '95. Are you an Aggie?

JS: No, I'm Jackie Sherrill, I was the head coach of the A&M football team.

D'oh! Later, The Husband has his comeback. Didn't recognize you without your headset.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Heh, too funny. Jackie gave us some good teams for a while before the NCAA caught up to him. :P