Thursday, October 28, 2004


One of the core attributes I try to install in my children is to try not to judge others (ignore hypocrisy with post below). It's fighting against human nature and quite frankly, our current society. But this is what made my conversation with my 4 yr old so challenging.

We had an hour long conversation on tattoos. His teacher has one and he wants one, the kind that you can't rub off. I tell him right away he has to be 18 before he can get one, but I still want him to make the decision for himself. I try attacking this from the perspective of he has it forever.

Me: What would you get?
Son: A Power Ranger!!
Me: Think you'd still want that when you're 28?
Son: Yes!

Hm, that's not working. Well, he hates needles.

Me: They make tattoos by sticking you with needles over and over and it really hurts.
Son: Do adults cry when they get shots?
Me: No
Son: Well, then I won't cry when I get my tattoo when I'm an adult

Is it bad when your 4 yr old can argue a case better than you can?

Son: Can I make my own tattoo?
Me: Oh, no.
Son: Why?
Me: It would look terrible, a tattoo artist does them
Son: Who's a tattoo artist?
Me: I don't know any.
Son: But we have to find one.
Me: Well, they work at tattoo parlors.
Son: Where?
Me: I don't know, but maybe you can ask your teacher where she got hers.
Son: Yeah!

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he asks his teacher where she got her tattoo and tells her he's getting one too.


Courtney said...

At our Halloween party last night, a friend brought Halloween themed tattoos for the kids. The boy got his and kept asking him, now this will stay on forever? He told him yes. Then he came over to me and smugly said, I got a tattoo and it will stay on forever, and there were no needles. He'll soon find out I'm right :)

Eric Grumbles said...

I have several tatoos, on my arms and my right leg. My son, when he was your son's age, was incredibly curious about them. He could sit still for as much as 15 minutes, looking at them and touching them, asking questions about it. As we all know, a four year old sitting still and concentrating on one subject for 15 minutes is right up there with the moon being made of green cheese. Even now, at age 11, he is still fairly curious about them. Tatoos fascinate kids. My daughter, who is almost two, likes to touch them too. I've had the kids of total strangers want to touch my tatoos and know about them. The best solution is to satisfy their curiousity, be honest about it, agree that when they are 18 they can get a tatoo. 18 is so far away that it isn't real to them.

I enjoy the conversations with your son that you relate. It reminds me of when my son was that age. :-)