Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What would happen if

What would happen if we gave up our large suburban home and traded it for a simpler home in the country on land

What would happen if I gave up my stressful, high paying job in exchange for living simpler

What would happen if the kids had more time in nature and the world, rather than behind a desk, computer, or TV screen

What would happen if we suddenly stopped juggling all the balls and just let them drop

What would happen if we had more time on our hands to fill as we wished

What would happen if we moved away from our tight knit family

What would happen if we moved away from our friends

What would happen if we stopped eating crap from the grocery stores and starting eating food we've grown and nourished with our own hands

What would happen if we moved far away from world class medical facilities

What would happen to my brain and psyche if I no longer was surrounded by coworkers

What would happen if we moved the kids away from their friends, their life, everything they've ever known

I worry that so much of our life is passing by while we check off each of our activities. I know that we are a happy family, that the kids are happy. We are all just very tired. Is the grass greener? Would we be happier? Would we be safer? Knowing that one of the best children's hospitals is within 30 miles is reassuring, especially since my little girl has been hospitalized twice in the last year for asthma. But would her symptoms abate in a healthier environment? How would I handle the lack of intellectual stimulation that comes with my job? We are surrounded by so many wonderful friends and all of our family. The kids love their school, their teachers, playing t-ball, taking swimming lessons, doing stuff with family. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with a lake and beautiful walking trails. Why do I feel like something is missing?


Anonymous said...

I think it's something in the water. I know about 10 people who are all feeling the same way right now. Last month, we were seriously considering uprooting and moving to NY state. Of course, we were taking the whole extended family with us, which solved the "what about moving away from family" thing.

For me, it's a disconnect from nature. I don't spend nearly enough time outside. I like the convenience of city life, but I really, really (and I mean REALLY) miss the woods.

Lee said...

You are asking some might big questions, Courtney! It's one heck of a dream you're carrying.

What would happen? I guess the short answer is that life would go on. Will it be the life you dream of? Don't know. You can make it so. It revolves around what is important to you and your family.

Many people do it. Some find reality and dream are different and return, others love it.

Can you ease into the idea with an extended 'holiday' that doesn't burn any bridges? Rent out your home and rent somewhere for six months. Test drive a town in the country!

Helene said...

I feel so similar to you in this blog. I would love to pack up my house, put everything in storage, rent out the place and rent a flat in England for 2 years or so. I think it would be such a fabulous family adventure. It would give my children such great perspective on the world. They are growing up thinking that this suburban paradise they live in is the norm and it is not.

As for all the other bits... if you stop doing it, others pick up the pieces and it all works. I checked out for a bit both socially, with work and at home... I had a summer with 3 significant deaths... we all made it through! Sometimes I feel like I am dancing as fast as I can and missing the journey.

nice blog!!

Michael said...

>>Why do I feel like something is missing?<<

Perhaps it's the meaning of life. Let me know if you wanna talk. :P

Courtney said...

I understand the meaning of life (my kids). It's not taking the time to enjoy it that is missing.