Thursday, March 02, 2006

The little thrills in life

I went to the county courthouse a few weeks back to file a deed transfer for one of our properties into our company's name. The lady at the desk asked if I worked for that company. I said yes. It gave me a little charge that someone recognized our company as real (even though it is and we run it as such).

I have decided that hubby and I view the world entirely different than most. One of the guys he's in training with almost bought an investment property but then he and his wife talked themselves out of it because of fear. Fear of having bad tenants, fear of not having tenants, having to fix things, etc. Hubby tried to explain that it's just like flying. You have to fly in all bad weather conditions, not just clear blue skies, because it's your job. The guy just looked at him blankly.

I think the late night TV ads and the email solicitations to Make Millions In Real Estate Without One Dime!!!! make it look like a cake walk. It's hard and requires time, commitment, patience, and mostly creative and positive thinking. We have worked hard on overcoming fear and not letting fear drive our decisions. And we still continue to do so.


Anonymous said...

I listened to a speaker last year that made the comment, "Don't let your fear be bigger than your dream." Pretty good advice.

Lee said...

With that attitude you will do well.