Friday, March 10, 2006

Everyone wants some

It has not been fun adjusting to the new budget, the greatly reduced budget. Before hubby got the "Big Promotion", we never had to worry about the leaks here and there. We never bought anything extravagant, but we also never worried about eating out once or twice a week, buying things for the kids, buying gifts, and so on. Now is a different story.

And it seems everyone is always asking for money. We get letters home from the school several times a week- yearbooks! t-shirts for camp! donations to the school! more donations to the school! buy wrapping paper! buy candles! more more more more donations to the school! Others may be sorry that girl scout cookies are gone, but I am glad. I felt so bad walking out of the grocery stores with their cute little faces looking right me - would you like to buy some girl scout cookies? How about a donation? On average, twice a week, a neighborhood kid comes by selling something or asking to be sponsored. It is worse at work. Not only requests to sponsor walks, bike rides, runs, but then for all their kid's stuff. And the office is always asking for money to sponsor something or someone. It is all so overwhelming.

I am not saying I don't give to charity. I give a portion of my paycheck to United Way. I donate to Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Purple Heart, Salvation Army, and my alma mater. But I also get several phone calls a month asking for more, several letters a week asking for more. I have no problems saying no but I do not enjoy it. I want to help everyone. But I can't.


Anonymous said...

I assume that you are refering to me in connection to the girl scout cookies. Yes, the girls are really cute at that age but just remember they eventually become teenagers. And I really love the peanut butter patty cookies. Not much thought that it goes to support the girl scouts. It sounds like you are doing enough so no need to feel guilty. I should unload some of my candles on you. No charge even and they are made from soy wax.

Lee said...

We made a decision to support a few charities with a reasonable amount each rather than dribs and drabs to all comers.

But I am still uncomfortable saying 'no'. I do it. But I don't like being put in that position.

Helene said...

This gets my goat as well!!! I actually dont encourage my children to sell the items they are asked to for school.... wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, coupon books(I usually buy one thing from each of them just so they dont have to feel weird about not participating and if they wanted to pound the pavement I would let them). Our school has PLENTY of money. If they REALLY needed it I would have no issue with supporting it. I live in a community that spends the highest amount of dollars/child on education. My children have wonderful arts and science programs... laptops in their classrooms...

I pick a charity each year (this is my 3 year of doing this) and I support it big. I give a substantial amount and I tell everyone else no. That if they want to leave me literature I will be happy to consider supporting them next year. I do not feel bad. There are times I feel the need to support a cause in addition to my one biggie. Normally I do that without being asked for money... ie there is a local homeless shelter I work with and if a family moves out and needs help I am thrilled to help (because they NEED it!!) I hate buying girlscout cookies. I resent having to do it. Perhaps I shouldnt, but I do. Sorry. If you need money to help one child go on the trip who can't afford it I will be happy to chip in, but my neighbors can ALL afford to send their kids and I shouldnt have to buy cookies that are overpriced and that I do not eat to help the cause. ohhh can you tell it is a hot button lol