Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Easter baskets

My son is very interested in god, heaven and the devil. I don't want to discourage his interest just because his father and I don't believe in god or organized religion as it does not necessarily mean that is right for him. However, I don't want him to choose his path without knowing his options. I found a book on religions around the world that I purchased to help with this journey. What I do not want for my children is what happened to both myself and hubby. I was baptized in the church at age 13. I knew then that I did not believe in god and I did not want to go through with it. But I could not stand to disappoint my parents and at that age, was not strong enough to stand up for what felt right to me. Hubby went through a similar experience with his bar mitzvah.

Oh, and the easter bunny will be giving the boy this book. I can appreciate the irony.


Mama Kelly said...

looks like an excellent first exposure on world religions ....

while I am not an atheist I have also decided to expose my children to various belief systems and in time let them find the road that they feel comfortable walking, as opposed to "choosing" one for them

Lee said...

The last time the Mormons appeared on my door I asked them if it was their first religion. "Yes" they said, our parents are Mormons. you want me to change my beliefs when have not researched the field to see what else is available? Whould you do that with anything else you buy?

I enjoy religious door knockers!