Friday, March 24, 2006

Compass Bank


I haven't been this angry with a bank in many, many years. Total incompetence at each turn. First off, if you go in, it takes about an hour before someone will see you. Even if there are people sitting in their cute little offices. Then, they don't follow through on some very basic instructions. Um, I am sitting here with a CHECK that I want to give YOU. How about some service?

And their website? FUGETABOUTIT! After clicking around in circles for about half an hour, I finally call. And then finally get through to a real, living, breathing person. And they explain in order to set up an online business account, I have to talk to someone either on the phone or in person (hello- WHY do you think I like the internet???), fill out some forms and then they'll get back to me. Say what? So, after getting transferred 3 times, wait on hold for an hour, I finally am transferred to the 'right' person. And the dude disconnects me!!!!!!!!

If anyone wants a bank that has their chit together- I'd recommend WAMU or VirtualBank.


Lee said...

Good (or sad?) to see banks are no better elsewhere. I don't feel so bad about the miserable treatment they dish out here now. (Ha! Who am I kidding?)

Anonymous said...

I used to bank at compass, but now I'm with our credit union. It's like night and day. Like, where the night is all rainy and scary and stuff, and the day is warm with a hint of a southern breeze.