Thursday, February 02, 2006

Service award party

I was invited to a service award party for work. I heard that it was originally for people with 20+ years with the company. Not enough responded, so the requirement was dropped to 15+ years. Then 10+ and finally they could fill a room. I started polling coworkers to see if they were going. "To what?" was the reply. And then, "I didn't get invited". Strange-they've been here 14 years. I found out in someone's bizarre logic, anyone who met 5 or 10 years of service in 2005 was invited. Why they didn't drop the requirement to just 10+ years is beyond me. But hey, I'm not proud- free meal, free booze, I'm all in.

Then I started thinking -dangerous when I do that- maybe the 5 & 10 year people are seat fillers. If one the of old guys has to go pee during the presentation, do we have to jump up and run to his seat? Are they filming it for the stock holders? Is this just some big scam to show what a wonderful company we work for? Am I going to be on TV? A star? Watch for me.

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Sara said...

Lucky our hiring anniversaries are in the same year - otherwise you might have had to go all by yourself!

And be a seat-filler.