Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How does this work?

My husband and I met on the high school swim team. We've both grew up swimming and were on our neighborhood swim teams since we were both 6. It is only natural I assume that both of our kids are fish. They LOVE the water.

However, the fact that both of us understand the mechanics of swimming and that we had each earned extra money in the summers by teaching kids how to swim, we could not teach our own. They simply would not follow our instructions. So, we signed them up and the Boot Camp of all swim schools, the Houston Swim Club.

The girl was just barely two when we started her and within a month, she graduated out of the parent/swim class and swam in the classes reserved for those 3+ (which scared the crap out of us).

This summer, I'd like the boy to have the opportunity to swim on the swim team for our city. Here's the part that I can't figure out how to overcome- the practice is from 4 - 4:30 Monday through Friday until school gets out and then it is 9 - 9:45 every weekday morning. Hello? Ever heard of two working parents? My work hours are 7:15 to 5. Hubby's are all over the map, but with his move to Continental, I don't expect him to be much help at all.

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