Friday, February 03, 2006

My day off

Today is my off-Friday. In theory, we get every other Friday off. In reality, I very rarely see a day entirely to myself. This morning I am catching up on some work, but the good news is that I am doing it from home, in my pajamas. Yes, I know that it is 11:30. So what?

I am planning on going for a quick jog, shower, eat lunch and then begin one of my favorite activities in the world. No, not that. I am going to purge the closests. Yes, I do know that I am sick. Hey, I'm answering a fictitious person's questions right now.

I love getting rid of stuff. Seeing everything nice and organized and uncluttered and the bags and bags of stuff sitting by the back door, waiting for a better life. Now if I could only keep it from entering my house, life would be perfect.

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