Monday, February 06, 2006

Creative problem solving

The party Saturday evening was nice. Much to my surprise, the huge ballroom was packed and I was not expected to be a seat filler. I did have my own version of hell Saturday morning when I spent two hours at the mall. I first looked for a new dress. The selection was either old lady or hoochy mama, so I decided to look for a shrug to go over a sleeveless dress that I already owned. Seemed like a simple task. I finally found two that might work, so I bought both and then attempted to find comfortable, dressy, evening shoes. I felt like I was on Mission Impossible. Again, the selection was either old lady or hoochy mama or just downright painful looking. I finally found a pair that didn't have a point at the toes sharp enough to spear a fish. They were inches higher than anything I'd ever worn before, but feeling brave, or more likely desperate, I bought them anyways.

When I tried on the shoes, I did not have on hose. When I wore the shoes, I had hose on. First stop at my folks to drop off the kiddos and I realized my heel was slipping out of the back of the shoe and I couldn't walk. Attempt #1- inserted moleskin in the heel of the shoe, drove to party. The walk from the car to the hotel, I quickly realized attempt #1 was a failure. I slid my way into the hotel, hanging from my husband's arm, while trying to come up with a backup plan. Ah ha! I can stuff a bunch of toilet paper inside my hose at the back of my heel. Attempt #2 success! Unless you count the fact that the toilet paper kept riding up my ankle and it was white and my hose and shoes were black.

I think there's a good reason why I never dress up.


Michael said...

That sounds, uh, scary.

You'll probably increase your traffic because of people searching for "hoochy mama."

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