Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Negotiating practice

I love to practice my negotiating skills and use every opportunity that comes my way. Being on the "no call list" I rarely get a telemarketer calls- only the people quickly stating- "Don't worry! I am not trying to sell you anything. I work for a charitable organization...."

One I received tonight was about the lack of family movies being produced in Hollywood. Hooray- I got a live one!

Him :Are you the mother or grandmother of a child under the age of 16?
Me: Yes
Him: Many people today are concerned about the images our children are seeing on television and movies.
Me: I carefully monitor what my children watch. I believe that is a parent's job.
Him: Yes. Wouldn't it be nice if Hollywood was more concerned about your family and produced quality films for families?
Me: I believe in a free market.
Him: Um, I am looking for a certain group of people, thank you very much for your time.

Ah, man! That's no fun......

In all seriousness, we took the kids to see Curious George this weekend. I did not expect to enjoy the movie, but it was cute and thoughtful. And when my children do come across images or ideas that I do not approve of, instead of getting pissed off at the world for doing this to my child, I use it as a learning tool and another opportunity to reinforce and discuss our family's values.


Anonymous said...

No! No! No! Where did you ever get this idea about accepting personal responsibility? Why such irrational concepts could lead to the downfall of such organizations as the American Family Association to name one. Let's just hope you're an isolated case.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I certainly don't need anyone else to worry about what I'm going to let my kids watch. Isn't that what *I'm* for?

BYW, we took The Boy to see Curious George this weekend, too. I thought it was really cute.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think that was Family for Films or something like that. I mad the mistake of ordering ONE video, and now they are hounding me like student loan repo men.
Good thing you didn't sign up.

ninetieschild said...

jeezus theyre gonna tell us what to watch now..? and havnt parents screwed up enough already..? mebe v shd just b able to decide wt we want..