Sunday, February 11, 2007

On the market

The house we are currently living in is officially on the market. Hubby stuck the sign in the yard yesterday afternoon. Let the masses arrive and the offers pour in. Actually, we only need one offer. One good one.

In other notes, there is an update on the lot we are buying on Canyon Lake. The appraisal came in 15k less than our purchase price. So, hubby called the guy and said we'd meet him halfway. He went back and forth saying that he had 3 other cash offers and so we fully expected him to say no. Only he said yes. Now we have to decide if we are willing to pay 8k more than the appraised value for the lot, especially since we now know that we are not able to move the little, old house there economically. Today is decision day on that one.

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Lee said...

I think I can hear a drum roll...