Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am such a dork

I met hubby at the gym for a quick workout before heading to his folks house for dinner. As we were leaving, I reached into my pocket to get my key locker only to find an empty pocket. I spent the next 30 minutes tracing and retracing my steps. I blamed the lady who started up a conversation with me while I was changing since I could not remember what I did with my key. I blamed hubby because he left to go pick up the boy before the school closed. I blamed the people who did not pick up a lost key and just stepped over it, wherever it may be. Most of all, I blamed myself for being so absent minded.

After speaking to everyone who worked at the gym and turning over every leaf, I admitted defeat and asked to get the locker opened. I signed the form, agreeing to pay $40 if the key is not found in a week. $40!! What a racket. About half way through dinner, I realized that I was not comfortable and that I was sitting on something. Of course it was the key. I was sitting there least 15 minutes before I even noticed!

Think maybe I am trying to do too much and maybe I should slow down? Nah, me either.

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