Monday, February 05, 2007

I need to know!!!

We are waiting on a number. A very, very big number that may or may not have a large impact on our life. The plans are complete, the estimates are in for moving the little old house and for demolishing the old house. The number for the cost to build the new house is not in. We expected to have an answer last Friday. Still nothing. This is make or break with our dream, one that we have spent the last 9 months planning.

Let's take a guess, will the number be:

a) enormously large
b) enormously, heart stopping large
c) enormously, heart stopping, you have got to be kidding me large now we have to completely change our plans


Lee said...


Courtney said...

Still don't know!!! ARGHHHHH.

Anonymous said...

At least you know it will be less than infinity.