Thursday, February 22, 2007

Irony strikes again

We completed our follow up action to take the boy to the pediatrician to 'make sure he does not have any underlying medical conditions'. Which his doc translated directly to 'have your doctor diagnose him with ADHD, get him drugged up so we can manage him in our school system'.

I was not quite as cynical with their intentions, but was very pleased that his doctor does not want to medicate him. She ruled out any other medical causes for his inability to sit still and gave us a lot of helpful advice on how to handle the situation such as setting timers and telling him explicitly how much time he has to complete a task. Basically, to make his routine very structured and to make sure he has ample time to burn off excess energy.

She also wants to see him in a different type of classroom, and if the school can not accommodate this, then she wants us to look into private schools. The irony is the main reason we are demolishing and building new is the location- 3 houses down from his elementary school. Wouldn't that be funny if he didn't even go to school there anymore....

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Sara said...

Well, at least in only 2 years, the girl will be able to go there... and then, of course, there will be kid #3. :)