Monday, February 26, 2007

Kids play

The weekend was nice, even though hubby missed all of it. It kicked off Thursday evening with a birthday party for the boy at the dreaded Chuck E Cheese. Told hubby that thank goodness we had alcohol in the house when we got home or I would have been forced to drink rubbing alcohol.
Friday evening, Mom and I went scrapbooking with our group and my dad entertained the kids. They spent the night since we were out late (I stayed up past 1 am!!!!). I stopped by in the morning before I headed off to a baby shower. My folks dropped the boy off at another birthday party. I picked him up and then picked up the girl at my folks and headed home. We went on a walk around the lake and then ate a picnic dinner while watching Barnyard.

I dropped the boy off at my grandparents for church Sunday morning and the girl and I went to the gym. She had a friend from school over in the afternoon. After church, my grandfather took the boy fishing at a nearby lake. Hubby finally arrived home late last night and missed all the fun family time. Bummer.

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