Monday, February 19, 2007

Cold then beauoootiful

This past Friday was my 'every other Friday off' day, so I scheduled a golf lesson since I have so much leisure time I decided to take up a time intensive, demanding sport. It was so incredibly gold and my golf pro has about 0.2% body fat, so the lesson was cancelled. I was not terribly disappointed since I was exhausted. I spent most of the day laying around the house, being completely unproductive and then hubby came home from work early in the afternoon and joined me. I believe my aunt, uncle, cuz, and cuz's boyfriend came by before heading out of town, but I'm not completely sure since I was so out of it. Stress has a funny way of playing with your mind, I've found. After picking the kids up from school, we stopped by the in-laws for a visit.

It warmed up Saturday and turned into a beautiful weekend Saturday morning. Hubby took the boy to baseball practice and the girl and I hung around the house and did fun household stuff like laundry and dishes. Then we all headed off to the gym. Later that afternoon, hubby's brother brought the kids over for some cousin bonding time.

Sunday was the ever fun grocery time, other household chores, a little play and then dinner with my folks. Very nice weekend indeed.

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Anonymous said...

It was perfectly gorgeous weekend, wasn't it? We went to the zoo on Saturday and actually stayed over two hours, instead of wilting after 30 minutes.