Monday, May 08, 2006

Your turn!

What a week and weekend! Hubby was gone for 6 looooong days and finally got home last evening. We did have a fun filled weekend- Friday was swimming lessons and then hustled over to the ball field. The league hosted a cookout with a moonwalk and festivities. I served hot dogs and hamburgers for an hour and a half then the second shift finally arrived and I was able to watch the boy play ball.

Saturday, was a birthday party for the boy. The kids and I walked over and had a great time. Sunday was another birthday party for the boy and a friend and I dropped our boys off and took the little girls to a movie. In between the parties, I tried to catch up on laundry and dishes (something that will NEVER happen- the catching up part) and kept the kids entertained. I also tried to design house plans using 3D Home Architect. I definitely did not miss my calling, but it was fun anyways.

We had a good time, but I am so glad to be "off duty" for awhile!

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Sara said...

My turn is actually coming starting tonight!

The husband is going out of town for only 3 days, but this is the first time he'll be gone for such a "long" time.

I don't know how you do it all the time!!!