Monday, May 29, 2006

Jehovah's witness

The boy has never met a stranger. His birthday is quickly approaching and he is inviting every kid he sees. Friday, at the swim school, he invited one boy standing near him. After asking several times, the boy's father interjected. I'm sorry, we are Jehovah's witness and we do not celebrate birthdays. My boy is fascinated with religion, so I felt this was a great learning experience for him.

Why, he pressed. The man, not sure whether he should go into it all answers that he didn't really know because that is just how he was raised. But why would you not celebrate birthdays, my son asked. Well, every time a birthday was celebrating in the bible, something bad happened and then he went on to explain in further detail.

My sons response to it all- is that really true? Is the bible for real? We did have an animated discussion on the way home after all of that explaining that yes, many people believe that the bible is the word of god. One of the most important principles I want to instill in my children is that people believe many different things, but it doesn't make them wrong. Which is the biggest issue I have with christianity.


JG said...

I've read many blog entries this morning from people around the world, but this one is definitely the most interesting.

I admire the way you have taught your son about religions. More parents need to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Up close and personal Jehovah's Witnesses can be wolves in sheep's clothing.

Growing up,i was the little JW school boy who had a hard time of it because of rules forced on me by my arrogant religious leaders.

I was a JW for 33 years and they are bogus from the get-go.-Danny Haszard (visit my site for fast facts on Jehovah's Witnesses)