Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday night was the boy's baseball game and I had the day off on Friday. Hubby and I dropped the kids off at school and spent all day on the road. First stop was to the pediatrician to pick up a prescription, then to a notary to get some docs notarized, then to Brookshire to look at a metal building to use as a laundromat at the trailer park. Next we headed to the complete opposite side of town to meet with an architect. Stopped for lunch and then met my mom at one off her client's house to pick up her treadmill that she was giving away. Yeah! I have a new coat hanger! No, I'm going to use it - really. Starting, um, tomorrow.

Then we picked up the kids for swimming lessons. After swimming, we headed to Lupe Tortilla for the end of season baseball party. The boy got his trophy, which is the main reason he wants to play. Saturday morning hubby left for work and we went to the boy's last baseball game. It was bittersweet as it his last season of t-ball. Next fall he'll be in coach pitch.

Then the kids and I voted and went grocery shopping. We hung out at home for a few hours and then went shopping for mother's day. Went out to dinner with my folks and the day was over. On the way home, the boy informed me that he wanted to make me breakfast the next morning and asked how to make coffee. All sorts of images of broken glass and scalding coffee flashed through my mind. I told him that I would make it tonight and tell him which button to push the next morning.

At 6:15 am Sunday morning, I awoke to light in the kitchen and the sounds of little voices. I begged and pleaded to let me sleep a little longer. At 6:45, the boy walks in with a bowl of yogurt and coffee in a plastic cup. It was so sweet. And thankfully, no injuries. Then I opened all my gifts from the boy and cried.

The kids played with some puzzles and I went to work on my accounting for the trailer park and laundry. My mom picked up the girl and the boy and I headed over a few hours later to celebrate with the family. My mom had asked the girl if she wanted to get me a present and she got money out of her piggy bank and then she helped my mom wrap it.

It was a beautiful day and I always enjoy being around my extended family. We will have a delayed celebration with my mother-in-law when hubby's back in town. I am so fortunate to have two wonderful, loving, thoughtful children and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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Sara said...

I thought the main reason the boy wanted to play ball was for the snacks... which I effectively helped you to kill. (still sorry about that!)