Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5 days off

Not much new to report. We are under contract on the little, old house. It was inspected yesterday and basically, if it is wood and attached, it is rotten. Nice. Someone replaced the outlets with the three prong ones- only there is no grounding wiring. Even has the GFI outlets in the bathroom. They only look to be at code. The house is completely out of level and needs additional supports underneath. The roof is shot. The fireplace is lacking the fire box.

We have one of our rental properties under contract, and another we are hoping to be under contract within the next 30 days. Our neighbors might be interested in buying our house later this summer. One of the tenants in another house who is under a lease option is making great gains in her financial world and may be ready to buy the house this summer. That would leave us with only one rental and a trailer park.

We have started the planning process for the new house. We have agreed on a rough plan and have started reviewing interiors. We need to interview architects, put lists together for subs, start getting permits from the city, talk to moving companies, get permits for moving, buy a piece of land to move it to, and figure out where we will live in the interim. Because of the condition of the house- mold and rot, we won't be able to live in the little, old house with the asthmatic girl.

Sunday morning I woke up with whatever the girl had Thursday, only mine lasted 2 days with a fever. I took yesterday off and am still recovering today and probably will be the rest of the week.

My baby boy has 15 school days left of kindergarten. Then I will have a first grader.

So, not too much going on.


Sara said...

5 days off and that's all you got accomplished?! I expected more.


Courtney said...

What can I say? I was sick.

Anonymous said...

OK, I thought I was following along pretty well, until I got to the part about moving a house. Which house are you moving?